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When consulting with a doctor,
he is obliged to keep your secrets.
When consulting with ,
it is obliged to sell your secrets.

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I am okay with money being charged for services or products.
But not for .

This may be the root of our as well as creating an inherently vain battle about information without identity.
It prevents an efortless joining of forces that could propel us forward. Instead many efforts have to reinvent the wheel only to arrive where we already are.

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I am very open to .
But if the matter of debate is forcing something upon me, directly or indirectly, it is not a debate. It is an .

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Gives You

Gives You The Whole House

It is time for the shitshow that is Windows to come to an end.

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I wrote another blog post about #Gitea #federation and the recent Gitea <-> Mastodon federation milestone.

It's nontechnical so you don't have to know anything about ActivityPub to read it!

So @bonfire I am wondering if we want the same, after all. could integrate all these in a flexible and open ecosystem, empowering people to post without worrying where to put what or what might be lost.

Which brings me to a quite concrete question:
Given plenty of financial resources, how soon could there be a working version of Bonfire Kanban?

If it works out, the open-source-friendly startup I am in could soon have the resources to push volunteer efforts into production!

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All current approaches of integrating team chat, task/project management and social interaction are clunky.
I am currently trying to set something up in our growing startup, exploring , , (integrated with, a great WIP initiative of fantastic people), various options and via, but each have their deficiencies - I can clearly envision what it would look like, but I don't have enough development power myself.

@publicvoit in your article about Orgdown:
you mention , which prompted me to have another look at it and try out some clients - enjoying the experience so far, distraction-free content-focused browsing - but your website does not seem to be on Gemini nor Gopher, right? That'd be a bummer :/

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If you are interested in #XMPP at Google Summer of Code 2022 the following projects have announced their ideas:

- #Converse.js
- #Dino
- #Psi
- #PGPainless

More info:

#GSoC #google #standards

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Unnecessary golf courses, many of which are US military-operated, are taking nearly 10% of Hawaii's water. The average person in Hawaii is of course being asked to conserve, rather than the wealthy and the military-industrial complex that caused this catastrophic water crisis.

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Pi Day is a fake holiday made up by big Math to sell more Math.

I am now a proud owner of a 3+, which I will flash with and hopefully use without any bloat :)

A fantastic - The is Art:

Along with Olaf Latzel and Roger Liebi it has been really insightful as I reshape my

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The XSF has successfully applied to the Google Summer of Code 2022!

More information for potential contributors:

#gsoc, #xmpp

Landscape in the Southend of

In case anybody has contacts here, hit me up! We are still a little disoriented and ready to meet and lend a hand to nice humans :)

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You don't need to use your real name on the Fediverse. Call yourself whatever you want, and the rest of us will be happy with that.

Interestingly, a very long time ago YouTube used to carry a warning specifically telling people not to use their real name online, as it could allow unwanted intrusions into people's privacy.

Then, strangely, the warning disappeared after Google purchased YouTube... 🤔


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