I am okay with money being charged for services or products.
But not for .

This may be the root of our as well as creating an inherently vain battle about information without identity.
It prevents an efortless joining of forces that could propel us forward. Instead many efforts have to reinvent the wheel only to arrive where we already are.

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Google is the climate change of the Internet. Lots of people don't do anything about it because it's hard and would endanger their profits or even livelihood, but it's bad and it's real and it's going to ruin everything.

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Heyho @publicvoit - discovered you through your clickbaity article about org-roam as I have recently started using it myself and am still trying to figure out best practices.
I am really enjoying your blog and relating to many things as a German duo-language-writer, geek, freedom/decentralisation activist and cyclist myself.
I hope to get my own blog up soon, maybe using your lazyblog ;)

PS: How does that language filtering mentioned in your profile work? Do you annotate your toots somehow?

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If you're used to centralised networks like Facebook, you may be wondering why Mastodon and the Fediverse are spread across thousands of sites. Why not just have a single site where people sign up?

There are many important reasons, but maybe the most important is this:

Networks on single sites tend to be bought by bad people when they get popular 😠

It happened to Instagram (bought by Facebook), it happened to Whatsapp (bought by Facebook), it happened to YouTube (bought by Google). It can happen to ANYTHING built entirely around one site.

No matter how much you trust the people who run a site, when someone offers them billions of dollars they may just take the money.

Decentralised networks, where there is no central site, are much more resistant to buyouts.

No one owns the global email network, thousands of indie players like @Tutanota and @protonmail are able to offer alternatives, and if one provider behaves badly you can switch to a different provider.

#FediTips #Fediverse

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Facebook zerschlagen: Wenn es schon nicht gelingt, die problematischen Geschäftsmodelle abzustellen, dann muss man an die Größe ran.
Facebooks Totalausfall: Big Tech ist längst zu groß

When consulting with a doctor,
he is obliged to keep your secrets.
When consulting with ,
it is obliged to sell your secrets.

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RT @prof_freedom
Just in one country masks are still required. Which one is it 🤔

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There are lots of Fediverse apps on @fdroidorg, the free open alternative to Google Play. Some Fediverse apps are exclusive to F-Droid!

Unlike Google Play, F-Droid apps are all free, open source and privacy-friendly.

F-Droid can be installed on any Android phone. It's slightly tricky to install because Google tries to block any alternative app stores. However, once it's been installed it is just as easy to use as Google Play.

There are some simple step-by-step F-Droid installation instructions here:


You can find out more about F-Droid on its official site at f-droid.org

#Fediverse #FediTips #FDroid #Android #GooglePlay #Google #Alternatives

I love this channel! Constantly delivering critically researched content about , , and more.

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Sometimes, the scandals are contemporary: either Facebook blithely announces it's going to do something terrible, or we learn of some terrible thing underway from leaks or investigations.

Thanks to a history of anticompetitive mergers - Whatsapp, Instagram, Onavo and more - based on fraudulent promises to antitrust regulators, Facebook has grown to nearly three billion users - except FB doesn't have users, really - it has hostages.



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Die finale Etappe meiner führt durch ruhige, malerische Landschaften mit ein paar Hügeln 🏞️

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The city of #Magdeburg, Germany, has recently opened a public tender and has asked companies to hand in their biddings for a possibly 100% #OpenSource #school IT solution. I am considering to hand in a quote for #DebianEdu. Are there #Debian admins here on the Fediverse that can imagine joining into this effort as part of the team? If so, please get in touch! Thanks!

A great that helped me to discover and use -conscious (and sometimes faster) alternatives to popular online services

@dachary how about connecting your blog to the fediverse through something like github.com/aaronpk/Nautilus ?

I am considering to setup something like writefreely.org but I guess that does not make sense to you with an existing well-working and designed blog ;)

Does anyone have experience with VNC clients? I am trying to access a but I have zero experience with and it does not work at all :/

Wanted to try @LemmyDev but I am confused - when registering on lemmy.ml it says "Lemmy is federated, so you can interact with everything that you see on lemmy.ml, even if you are registered on another instance."

But when I want to respond to lemmy.ml/post/30796 at feddit.de/post/1377 the existing comments are not there kinda, defeating the point, or did I get something wrong here?

Ich habe zu viele Zufälle gesehen um an Zufall zu glauben

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