@publicvoit in your article about Orgdown:
you mention , which prompted me to have another look at it and try out some clients - enjoying the experience so far, distraction-free content-focused browsing - but your website does not seem to be on Gemini nor Gopher, right? That'd be a bummer :/

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@janek I refuse to support this weird Markdown subset that even lacks simple tables. Therefore, my blog software will not be able to support the idea. If Gemini allows Orgdown support some day that has support for the basic elements I'm using, I'll think about starting to think about an implementation for #lazyblorg.
Until then, you'll enjoy most properties of Gemini on my blog anyway: focus on text, no advertisement, no active content, ...

@publicvoit my whole point was that I can replace my web browsing, which regularly steals my focus, by Gemini browsing. Didn't think about the format so far, but conversions shouldn't be hard despite the qualms?

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