All current approaches of integrating team chat, task/project management and social interaction are clunky.
I am currently trying to set something up in our growing startup, exploring , , (integrated with, a great WIP initiative of fantastic people), various options and via, but each have their deficiencies - I can clearly envision what it would look like, but I don't have enough development power myself.

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So @bonfire I am wondering if we want the same, after all. could integrate all these in a flexible and open ecosystem, empowering people to post without worrying where to put what or what might be lost.

Which brings me to a quite concrete question:
Given plenty of financial resources, how soon could there be a working version of Bonfire Kanban?

If it works out, the open-source-friendly startup I am in could soon have the resources to push volunteer efforts into production!

@ninja It does, and I am in regular personal contact with the developers to flesh it out as I want to use it at our company ASAP :)


Do you know what kind of single sign-on mechanism Stackspin use? I'm rolling out Keycloak for my self hosted services, but it's not the easiest to configure
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